Monday, October 10, 2005

DARPA Grand Challenge WON !

PRIMM, Nevada (AP) -- Four robotic vehicles finished a Pentagon-sponsored race across the Mojave desert Saturday and achieved a technological milestone by conquering steep drop-offs, obstacles and tunnels over a rugged 132-mile course without a single human command. The vehicles, guided by sophisticated software, gave scientists hope that robots could one day wage battles without endangering soldiers. via CNN.


nym said...

(regarding your post to igargoyle)

Did you have something to say, or did you just want me to mention your site?

I like what you've started, but you don't link your sources. It would
really make your blog better, and encourage me to link to your stories
if you cited.

If you would link my site on your sidebar, I'd do the same for you.

Also, I couldn't find an email for you on your website, and the comment you sent me had an email whose address bounced.


Janesh said...


The sources can be accessed by clicking on the title of my blog posts.

I respect the hard work put in my many to make so much of wonderful content available on the web. This is an attempt to add to that effort. Thanks for your comment.

Janesh said...


Good Feedback. Thank you. I'll do the needful.

Vadakkepat said...

A great challenge that is now conqured. Navigating along rough terrains is a taak of its own.

Janesh said...

CNN says that the next stop for the technology is in Afghanistan or Iraq:

"technology developed for the race will help the Pentagon reach its goal of having one-third of its vehicles be driverless within ten years"

"The military currently has a small fleet of autonomous ground vehicles stationed in Iraq and Afghanistan, but the machines are remotely controlled by a soldier who usually rides in the same convoy. The Pentagon wants to eliminate the human factor and use self-thinking robotic vehicles to ferry supplies in war zones."

Anonymous said...

The CNN article is probably refering to the congressional mandate to have at least one third of all military vehicle autonomous by 2015 widely reported earlier this year.
Not to be picky - but vehicles that are remotely controlled are not 'autonomous' as CNN says.