Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Robotic fish make aquarium debut

LONDON, England (CNN) -- The three newest inhabitants at the London Aquarium move like all others in nearby tanks, but the brightly colored fish are robots. Created by robotics experts from Essex University, east of London, the creatures move around the tank like real fish, but unlike previous attempts at robotic fish, these are not pre-programmed. Instead, they have sensor-based controls, meaning they move around the tank, avoiding objects and other fish, and reacting to their environment as a real fish would. The robot fish was made with an aim to educate the public on the capabilities of robots. They say that the robot can be used in the ocean as well. via, CNN


Anonymous said...

How are these Fishes powered? do they use solar cells or pressure cells or normal battery?

The robotic fish will be a boon for ocean researchers. I mean a small hack can actually transform it into a video transmitting device.

Ganesh A.P.P.

Anonymous said...

Not too sure, I guess they might be using batteries for short exhibitions. Long term use might use solar/pressure power.

Also came across a mitsubishi 1 million dollar fish... great stuff