Monday, October 10, 2005

Robots for Exploration

People are interested in places that are sometimes full of danger, like outer space, or the deep ocean. But when they can not go there themselves, they make robots that can go there. The robots are able to carry cameras and other instruments so that they can collect information and send it back to their human operators. The "Odyssey IIb" submersible robot is shown suspended in a tank. It was developed by research scientists at M.I.T. for ocean exploration. The inset shows the "Sojourner" microrover robot being repaired at the Jet Propulsion Labs. Sojourner landed on the surface of Mars on July 4, 1998 (from National Geographic, July 1997). via Adam's Robot Page

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Quite informative.

I feel ,Marines & Defence sector are some of the highly potential sectors after space applications.

Good luck

Vaipur Balasubrahmannian