Monday, October 10, 2005

Thought Controlled Robotic Arm

Scientists in the US have created a robotic arm that can be controlled by thought alone. Developed at the University of Pittsburgh, it has a fully mobile shoulder and elbow and a gripper that works like a hand. In early tests, monkeys had tiny probes inserted into their brains and had their limbs restrained - but were then able to manipulate the robotic arm. The inventors believe it could help people who have lost limb function. The mechanical arm research was described at the annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science held this year in Washington DC. via BBC.


Janesh said...

At Dr. Prahlad's Talk on Sep 24th 2005, someone raised the question - Can robots be controlled via neurons?

Hope this gives some insight.

Vadakkepat said...

Useful for the handicapped and the less previleged. The hope is that it will reach out to the needy in the near future.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm - seems a little tame compared to what the world's first true cyborg Prof. Kevin Warwick at the University of Reading (UK) has already achieved (and over three years ago!)

Robotic control of limbs is one thing but for REAL control direct feedback is also required.

For more info vist the Prof's own website:
and in particular the "What the Hack" link off his main page.

Best regards, Bob L, Reading

Janesh said...

the i-heart-robots team was on the phone with Dr. Kevin's office this evening. Hopefully we will have some permission to replicate some of his wonderful work !

Thanks, Bob

Anonymous said...

This is a good implimentation of the brain computer interface. But the problem still is in the invasive technique that is being used. Isn't there a better way of detecting brain thought signals apart from screwing electrodes into the skull?

Ganesh A.P.P.
Sri Venkateswara College of Engineering

Professor Kevin Warwick said...

I firmly believe that in the not too distant future we will bring about robots with an intelligence which surpasses that of humanity. Whilst (as predicted in "March of the Machines") this could be an enormous threat, we have the capability to upgrade our human start point by linking directly
with machine intelligence through implant technology.

The possibility of extra senses, multidimensional thought and perhaps most of all, communicating by thought signals alone, is tremendously exciting.

--Professor Kevin Warwick

Sylvester said...

To Dr. Warwick above...few years back as a kid when I imagined about Neural Interfaces and Control by Thought many would have thought me crazy!!!...then I came across an article featuring your work which spurned me on to venture where few have gone before...thank you!! This is going to revolutionise the way world operates...

Neural Prosthetics are the next logical evolution in the field of Rehabilitation Engineering.

Similar work has been going on in Duke University in the US under Dr.Miguel.

As far as non-invasive techniques go, interested people can check out the work been undertaken at the Wadsworth Centre in New York.

This site contains some more information on BCIs