Monday, March 13, 2006

Security robot PatrolBot

U0205025 Diana Gobeawan PatrolBot is a programmable autonomous general purpose Service robot rover built by MobileRobots Inc. They are intended for remote surveillance and security tasks. PatrolBot can scan buildings, create floor plans and navigate them autonomously using a laser range-finding sensor inside the robot. It searches for alternative paths if a hall is blocked, circumnavigates obstacles and re-charges itself at its automated charge station as needed. As a Wi-Fi device, it can operate autonomously or be controlled remotely. As a robotic base used to integrate with security alarms, automated buildings and other enterprise systems in a facility, it is programmable for custom applications, but also offers applications for surveillance, security, sensor monitoring, hazard detection and delivery. The device provides remote viewing and 2-way audio communication via PatrolBot’s MobileEyes GUI (consisting of camera, microphone and speakers). It can be controlled manually or autonomously from networked control stations. PatrolBot’s special eye-safe laser-rangefinder displays “footprints” of intruders walking by, even in darkness. A gas sensor reads oxygen, CO2 and H2S levels and can sound alarm on the robot and/or at the control station if acceptable levels are exceeded; likewise for smoke and temperature. PatrolBot verifies false alarms, instructing intruders to scan their IDs within a prescribed time to avert alarms and further investigation.


Edutainment said...

U0300657 Yeo Choon Kwang

PatrolBot is indeed more than a robot built for remote surveillance purpose given its abilities to perform a number of different tasks. It would be a robot worth buying! However,I am curious about the autonomous aspect of the robot when it is implemented in a multistorey building. How is the robot going to move to another level of a building? Does the system implements one robot on each level? Judging from the photograph given, I assume that the robot does not have the capability to move up the stairs. Taking the lift to another level would be an alterative. However, how is the robot going to reach the desired level? Does it have some capability to control the lift to move to a desire level wirelessly? Does it has actuator to press the button to get to a different level?

U0204993 Ang Kim Hwa Kelvin said...

Hi Diana,
PatrolBot works on Wi-Fi, but I understand that Wi-Fi can be victim to interference.

"When multiple WiFi access points, the hubs of individual wireless networks, sit near each other, WiFi receivers can see senseless noise instead of a clear data stream. "

This can compromise security especially if the PatrolBot is used as the soleline of defence against intruders?

Medical said...

U0204500 Ong Phian Ting

With reference to Choon Kwang's comment, I believe the problem of getting the robot from one level to another should not be a big problem. Being wireless enabled, it should be easy for it to communicate with the building's control system to activate the lift. And to those who think this is too far-fetched, we should consider the fact that these robot ain't that affordable to all. So those buildings that are likely to use them would probably be well equipped to handle these types of needs.

After all, if we are not ready to comit to the cost of having a fully autonomous security sytem, we might as well just hire a uncle to do the job.

Lin Zhiqiang said...

U0204912 Lin Zhiqiang

I think in this era of paranoia, it would be good if the PatrolBot or another robot could be embedded with memory of suspected criminals or terrorists and do face recognition procedures with different scenarios (i.e. beard shaved, plastic surgery) Humans no matter how good they are, will not be able to recognise everyone but with A.I, we can program all possible faces into them and allow them to do facial recognition and alert the authorities in time before anything happens. This would be of great use in embassies and especially in airports.

u0205295 li lei said...

PatrolBot is a powerful robot to carry out surveillance and security tasks, but usually those industry people also concern about cost over benefit. If the cost is much higher than hiring a worker, the application of such robot would be limited.