Friday, March 24, 2006

Why we need Homeland Robotic Security Systems?

u0307999 ZHAI NING Do you still the scene of 911 attack? It is an unexpected attach which demonstrated how a small group of people can have a huge destructive power on once invulnerable to large-scale terrorists attack, U.S. And this events unveiled the limitless possibilities for more to come if we do not secure ourselves well. This introduction of weapons of mass destruction furthers the ability of a small group with relatively limited military assets to wreak havoc on asymmetrical warfare or terror. The principle defense against surprise attacks of this or any other nature is advanced warning, which inherently depends upon the timely and accurate collection and assessment of appropriate information. Thus robotic security system comes. We need advanced detection scheme to detect the undetected by human beings. We need the advanced assessment technology to identify the different scenario. Because of the characteristics of changing parameters, we need the homeland security robotic system to be very adaptive as well as having the ability to learn from past. Thus for the new kind of homeland robotic security system, it is relatively hard to achieve a satisficatory result as other robotics can achieve.

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