Saturday, March 17, 2007

Gravitonus Workstation - An Ultimate Gamer's Fantasy

GRAVITONUS for gamers
Lol and behold, a truly ingenious revolutionised,multi-functional workstation design from Gravitonus.
This innovative workstation design from Gravitonus allows users to move freely, and it comes with an on-board computer which constantly analyses position of your body and pressure on different parts of your body. With all of these analyses, the system will adapt to the user depending on their phychophysical activitiy and create maximum comfort that will fill in all your desire. Furthermore, its Matrox TripleHead capability ,that is capable of aligning all the display attachment perfectly in the user's best vision area in any body position, together with a special keyboard that allows user to move the keyboard freely in 3D and fix it in a place where the user want it to be, 5.1 sound system, shadow and glare-free illumination of the working area and dynamic exoskeleton for both hand. All these features help to provide the user with the maximum comfort. More importantly, the system is equipped with ACCS (alternative computer control system ) which can be effectively utilised by hardcore gamers in games like Counterstrike.
Currently, the product has yet to be launched though. Hopefully, it would be out soon in the near future.

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[1] [Video of Gravitonus Workstation]

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