Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Border Protecting Robot

As security is getting more and more important, the use of technology to enhance the security of a country is inevitable. In South Korea, the army uses modern robots developed by Samsung Techwin called Intelligent Surveillance and Guard Robot as multi-functional security guards to protect the borders of their country whose main features are tracking, firing and voice recognition capabilities. The robot with surveillance and tracking system utilizes the Electron Multiplying Charge Coupled Device (EMCCD), Un-cooled Infra Red (IR) Camera, IR Illuminator and Laser Range Finder which have a daytime detection range of 4km and a nighttime detection range of 2km. Its tracking capabilities are 2km during daytime and 1km during nighttime. It can even detect multiple objects as well as zooming in on the object for a clearer view. Even if the object is moving would not obstruct the tracking capabilities of the robot as the camera installed has great flexibility to turn with the object. This newly developed robot is equipped with weapons that enhance its capabilities to actively engage suspected targets and neutralize them. The installation of various lethal or non-lethal weapons together with high precision device is important for high firing accuracy. These designs allow a threat to be neutralized easily from a distance without killing them for future investigation. Other than that, it has sophisticated communication and voice recognition system. This reduces the risks friendly fire as the robot is able to accept passwords which can identify the suspected target as a friend or enemy. The robot can also warn the suspect to surrender instead of shooting at it if the password doesn’t match. Therefore, the robust system is ideal to avoid unnecessary injury while still being able to capture suspects. In short, this can enhance security at the borders against hostile intrusion. Human security guard can then act behind the scenes to observe and analyze the situation before ordering the robot to take steps to neutralize the suspect.

References: Lai Sing Zie U036919R


dars.explore said...

Htun Lin Oo U059294W

This gunnery array would be extremely effective for security and defense if it were coupled with the ability to hide away and camouflage. Coupling this together perhaps with motion sensor arrays would make an intruder extremely difficult to spot them and just go around them or disable them somehow. The voice recognition technology and the flexibility of being able to issue warnings rather than start shooting straight away would make these deployable in civilian territories, in addition to boarders and war fronts. said...

This is indeed very interesting. However, some of the features quite puzzled me. Like does the robot shoot straightaway and if the intruder hides behind an innocent, will the robot still shoot despite not having a clear target? Also from what I see, the main purpose of the robot is in surveillance, and it is really something that is fixed. It can't really take orders to move or anything like that right? Then if the locations of such robots are discovered, won't it make them extrememly easy targets to remove like one grenade in the battlegrounds, one swipe with the baseball bat in normal uses. Or are they made of extremely durable material to withstand this?

Goh Pei Ming

Home said...

Lin Changjie U036185J

Security robots are extremely helpful as they do not get tired and maintain surveillance 24/7 and finally I see a surveillance robot that can be armed with a weapon! However, although armed with so many capabilities, we must note that constant human presence is still required in this situation. If the person controlling it neglects his/her duty, the robot will be as good as useless.

Medical said...

Wu Ronghua U036423A
This robot seems interesting. But i think under practical considerations, it might not be totally useful. The reliability of voice recognition system is questionable. Does the person have to shout out the password? If so, the password won't be so secured. Also the enemy will most likely fire at the robot when the robot asks the enemy to surrender. I will like to ask if this robot can withstand attack from enemy fire. said...

Hi guys,

First of all, thank you for your valuable comments.

To Htun Lin Oo: the robot is stationery and could not move away from the enemy. Moreover, there is no immediate need for camouflage as the robot is able to detect from a range of up to 4km. This shows that it is able to detect the enemy much more earlier before the enemy is able to spot its position. However, camouflage is an added benefit which can be applied easily depending on the terrain and surroundings by using natural leaves or paints on the surface.

To Goh Pei Ming: As an operator will be monitoring the robots in a control room, whether to shoot when it do not have a clear view can be decided by the operator. Moreover, the robot is well equipped with non-lethal weapons which can be utilized to ensure no danger to the innocent party. As for the question of removing or destroying the robot, a few robots can be applied with their range overlapping with each other. This will ensure any hostile act to one of the robot will cause them to be under fire from robots in the vicinity.

To Lin Changjie: Yes, if the person monitoring the robot neglects his duty, there is a possibility that its active duty in neutralizing the enemy will be compromised. However, as all robots are controlled in the control room which a ratio could be assigned e.g 10 robots to 1 operator, whenever the robot detects a suspected enemy from a maximum range of 4km, an alarm can be set to ring in the control room to alert all the operators. I am sure not all operators are missing in action at the same time. Anyway, from a distance of 4km, the operator will have ample time to respond to the threat.

Wu Ronghua: The password can be changed daily to enhance its security. If the enemy fires at the robot, please refer to the above message in reply to Goh Pei Ming. In my opinion, this robot may be able to withstand gun shots if Kevlar is used as the material of construction but not explosives which would damage the robot.

Lai Sing Zie

dars.assistive said...

Although this robot will increase the surveillance at the borders and make the security tighter, it might prove to be very harmful if the enemy gets control of it, since it has lethal weapons on it. There needs to many layers of security on a robot like this, and very limited access as well. Apart from this, it can serve as a great tool to monitor the borders.

Varun Agarwala
U037014W said...

Dear Varun,
I guess you are referring to the technology used in the creation of this robot. Although the robot is built by Samsung Techwin, the funding came from the government. Therefore, there will be tight access to the information used in building this robot. Anyway, this robot is stationary which means that it can only be used as defence and not offensive in nature. Therefore, even if the impossible happen which is the leak of this robot to enemy, it would not compromise on the safety of the country.

Lai Sing Zie
U036919R said...

The border would be the de-militarized zone (DMZ). I believe this robot is extremely benefical to the South Koreans as the manpower requirement for the border patrol should be lessened with the implementation of the robot. However, like many of the previous posters mentioned, the identification and targeting of enemies should be managed by humans in the control room to prevent an accidental injury or death.

U036378U Boo Junyou