Monday, April 02, 2007

Cost Effective Security Robots

A high level of cost effective security at homes can be enforced with the advent of the MOSRO MINI. Manufactured with a weight of 750g and 28.5cm, MOSCRO MINI is a mobile security robot that ensures a reliable guarding of every corner in homes and even offices. It is able to travel autonomously through each room for a period of up to 6 hours. Being an intelligent mobile robot, the MOSRO MINI can avoid hitting furniture, work equipment, and further "obstacles" in a reliable manner. There are a total of three infrared scanners, which are able to detect motions in 100% darkness, integrated in this security robot. In addition, the guarding place may be remotely watched over via Computer or PDA with the use of the integrated MOSRO MINI Camera. In this case, whenever it registers burglars or a potential danger, the robot will set off an alarm, for instance, via text message (SMS) or images to the owner's mobile phone. Smoke, gas and heat detection is possible for this robot with the use of additional sensors. Thus, it is applicable in places where the fixed installation of a video monitoring device is not worth and the supervision of objects by guardsmen becomes too complex. The robot is freely programmable for further multiple tasks via a free interface. The software for direct piloting works under Windows or Linux. Links: u036147x adrian yang


Assistive said...

U036367L Khoo Wei Chuan

Personally, I feel that security robots should possess some degree of defence and recording mechanism in order to fulfil their purpose. For example, lets say that the owner isnt at home and even if he receives a sms saying that there is a burglar in his house, there isnt much he can out about it.

Hence, it would be better if the security robots can perform tasks such as tranquilizing the intruders and record down all of his movements so that the police are able to identify him even if the robot fails to subdue him.

Home said...

This robot is definitely a cool gadget to possess at home, to enhance home security.

However, being 28.5cm high is a bit too huge in my opinion. If there is a burglar, it will be easy for him/her to notice this mini security device.

Xu Xiao
U036505H said...


adrian yang

According to definition, surveillance is the process of monitoring the behavior of people, objects or processes within systems for conformity. Though this robot does not pose a physical threat to burglars, its main purpose is to keep track of the surroundings. Thus, it is able to provide other forms of essential preventive measures such as a possible gas leakage (with the use of gas detection capabilities on its sensors).

With regards to the issue of its size, i guess it is an evitable issue since most automated security robots are rather big in size due to the amount of space needed for the required hardware. In fact, I personally feel that being less than 30cm tall is a reasonable size. Guess its just a matter of perception =)

Assistive said...

U046064E Feng Junwei Benjamin

I feel that this is a great way to implement a security system and can be a complement to a security guard. In large complexes, more of such robots can be adopted to monitor large areas and the robots need no rest.

One area of discussion could be how it covers the area that it is guarding. As in the route that it adopts, wherether it should be a random route to prevent people from being able to make a schedule of where and when the robot will be at.

Home said...

The idea of having a security robot is definitely cool and in certain places, it might be more cost effective as mentioned.

However, is the robot able to move back to a charging bay when it is low batt like Sony's Aibo? 6 hours of surveillance might be a period too short especially when the owner is away for work the whole day. Or in cases the owners is going for a holiday overseas?

Another point to note, how does the robot registers burglars? Is there an image processing algorithm onboard that does face-recognition or the detection is purely done by the user through monitoring?

Ng Buck Sin
U046233B said...

adrian yang
(to buck sin and benjamin)

From what i have gathered from the releveant websites, this robot can be set either on a pre-programmed route or a random route. In addition, it has a charging bay for it to recharge its battery as well. Thus, i guess it does operate in a similar manner as compared to the sony aibo.

With reference to the time limit, the robot will be able to provide a longer guarding time when it stays connected to the charging bay. Though this might limit its motion in certain ways, this is compensated with its long range of detection.

As for the recogniton capabilities, the detection is done mainly by the user through visual monitoring upon receiving the image from the robot. (As mentioned earlier, the purpose of this robot is not only to detect intruders but to detect other forms of potential dangers such as a gas leakage. Thus, i guess thats why the designer of this robot did purposely not include an algorithm for face recognition)

dars.explore said...

Comment from Jin Yunye U037842W

I am a bit curious about the design of this robot. Would the operation of this security robot itself trigger damage? As we know, in case of a indoor gas leak, the use of some electronic devices are highly possible to cause exlosions. So the way this robot detects and alarts such a danger should be well designed. said...

Osbert Poniman U037052H

I also think that the recognition is done purely by the user. Regarding the burglars problem, I find that using infrared as scanner is a smart way because the burglar won't be aware that he is in the spotlight since infrared is invisible to naked eye.

dars.edutainment said...

Chua Chong Han U045816M

Just wondering, what can this robot achieve other than detecting movements in the dark? Would it be better served if the sensors are mounted in certain area in the room as the number of hours it can move around is 6, which is not really ideal, especially in cases when it can be considered useful, such as long vacations said...

adrian yang
(to Chong Han)

well, the point regarding its limited lifespan has already been brought up in the earlier post. So, you might want to refer to the reply that i gave previously. =)

In addition, this robot is able to perform other tasks with the use of its programmable chip. Lastly, it is able to detect heat, smoke and gas. (and these features are not common with cameras.)