Thursday, April 05, 2007

Industry Coating Robot

The P-250iA/15 is the latest 12th generation coating robot supplied by FANUC Robotics [1]. It is a 6-axis model and supported by R-J3iC Intelligent Controller. It offers a reliable and precise solution for coating consumer and automotive products such as plastics, metal and fiberglass parts. The hollow wrist design ensures flexibility and makes system integration much easier for a wide range of paint process equipment. With a slim arm and wrist assembly, the robot is able to access unusual or hard to reach parts. As the latest generation of coating robot, the P-250iA/15 offers the following advantages that enable maximization of system performance:
  • The associated optional ROBOGUIDETM PaintPRO software is a Windows-based simulation package which is very easy to use.
  • It offers a maximum horizontal reach of 2.8m and a maximum coating speed 0f 1.5m per second.
  • Accuflow™ [2] closed-loop fluid delivery automatically maintains programmed flow rates to ensure consistent material delivery and higher finishing quality.
  • Collision Guard™ [3] monitors for unexpected interference to reduce machine and applicator damage and maximize uptime.
  • Accuchop™ [4] closed-loop fluid control is suitable for FRP applications. It can flip over itself thus covering a large work area for painting.
  • Its patented purge system is approved for operation in hazardous environments.

In short, the P-250iA/15 robot’s large work envelope enables a wide range of painting applications and is especially suitable for painting large components. In addition, the robot’s advanced motion software ensures constant speeds which helps to achieve a uniform and better finishing appearance. With these benefits, the P-250iA/15 robot makes coating easy and efficient and the customers can enjoy major cost savings.






Xue Chao


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Medical said...

I think the best part about this robot is that its fluid delivery automatically maintains programmed flow rates, which provides consistent material delivery and higher finish quality!

Balasubramanian Prasanna