Friday, April 06, 2007


39cm in height and 2.5Kg in weight, Nuvo is a small and light home-use-type humanoid robot aimed being marketed as a daily life companion. With 15 degrees of freedom (6 for each leg, 1 for each shoulder and 1 for the head), this small robot can dance, talk, play music, tell time, click pictures and even shake your hand. Nuvo is also equipped with joint angle sensors, rate gyro sensor and acceleration sensors to allow ZMP calculation and proper balancing. The infra-red sensors give feedback of the surroundings and saves the robot from banging into dead-ends. It is capable of walking at a speed of 3 metres a minute, can balance over a variety of terrains and can even stand up from a fallen position. Nuvo's features don't just stop at walking, but it is also programmed to respond to a variety of voice commands from its owner. If you ask Nuvo to shake your hand it will walk over to you, and reach out its hand for you to shake. If you want it to move forward, you simply tell it to do so and it responses by walking forward with smooth human-like motion. You can also ask Nuvo to give you the time, play your favourite music or even take pictures for you with it's built in camera. The Nuvo robot has been branded as a 'home robot', not only capable of entertaining you, but also of keeping an eye on your home when you are out, or even as a mobile baby monitor, by relaying pictures to your mobile phone on command via the internet using the IEEE802.11b wireless lan. It is has also been labeled as a home companion of sorts, offering a degree of verbal communication back to its owner through the pre-programmed female voice built in, as well as responding to commands in a similar way to a dog or a cat.
Post by: Nitin Batra U048708Y


Industry said...

it sounds really good to have such a companion! the appearance of the robots is also very good. but how much is the robot? it will be quite expensive, right? wish price of it can be lowered down, thus most people can afford it.

btw, who developed this robot?

by U037157M Yi Jinzhou

Industry said...

I am wondering how the robot can shake hand with human beings. From the picture, it seems that the robot is not equipped with a proper hand.

Also, can the robot recognises the voices of several people?

Xue Chao

Industry said...

It is interesting when a robot can interact with people. This robot is good in the sense that it can perform many task. It can be use in entertatinment, home and even security aspect.

I think when the owner hold its ball-like hand, the robot will recognize the action as shaking hand.

Yong See Wei U048661X

Medical said...

hahaha this is really a nice robot!!
It can even dance to music.(similar to the one seen in nus on the last day of lecture) i think it's cool to also include voice recognition. At such a high price, i think it's really take a long time before robots can be a part of our life!!

U046232N Ang Rongjie

Home said...

It would be nice to have this robot around when you are bored. However, it would be perfect if the robot can speak.

Anonymous said...

-The robot is worth USD6000. I am sure the prices of such robots will drop down significantly once the market starts accepting them more. They also have a japanese version for around USD 10,000

-Yes the robot can shake hands. The hand just has one degree of freedom at the shoulder but that good enough to shake hands i suppose :)

- The robot can recognize voices of various people. I suppose they will be using some adaptive algorithm for it. Evolutionary Neural Networks are very common for such applications.

There are more interesting stories from the people who have bought Nuvo. you can find them by a simple search on google. one such website is,%20robots%20with%20style

-Nitin Batra (Author of the blog)