Friday, April 06, 2007

Parallel Link Robot -- Fanuc F-200iB

The F-200iB robot has been developed by FANUC Robotics North America, Inc. It is a parallel link, servo-driven robot with six degrees of freedom, and it is made to be used in a variety of manufacturing and automotive assembly processes. F-200iB is not only powerful and compact, but also has extreme rigidity and exceptional repeatability. Hence, it can be used for material removal, compact robot welding, vehicle lift and locate, pedestal welding, part loading, tool/part manipulation and flexible/convertible fixturing. Parallel link robots are less affected by most of factors that reduce accuracy, because they have a closed, truss-like structure in which the end-effector is connected to the base by six independent kinematic legs that operate in unison. Moreover, the low deformation of the legs makes the F-200iB better for drilling, milling, and holecutting in harder materials like steel, aluminum, and gray iron.
The F-200iB is available in single- or dual-arm configurations. The dual-arm configuration adds a second, independently controlled, robotic arm to the same rail. The robot can load and unload the engine blocks and manipulate them precisely, by using a simulated horizontal-spindle machine center. It is very dexterous, since it can move both blocks through a series of complex motions as it exchanges a finished block for a raw block inside the machine center during the machine load/unload cycle.
In conclusion, F-200iB is an ideal solution for large material handling applications with heavy payloads.
U037157M Yi Jinzhou


dars.explore said...

Why do not you add the picture for F-200iB, it looks very nice.

and I think one of this robotic's advantage is the reduced tooling and build cost, since cost is always the main concern.

By U037121E Liu Pengyin said...

It is interesting to see that robot can do so many things. It will dramatically reduce the cost when it become mass product. I think the robotic world is comming soon.
Li Chao U037130N

Industry said...

Industrial robots do help us a lot due to the work efficiency, cost, as well as safety reasons!Glod that we have the chance to study some basic robotic concepts..
U036546A Wu Lihua

Industry said...

compared to medical, home, security and entertainment related robots, industrial robots may not as interesting as them, but industrial robots do play an important role in our daily life...they improve work efficiency a lot!

by U037157M Yi Jinzhou

dars.edutainment said...

Hmm, how does a closed, truss-like structure help in the improvement of accuracy?

If all the end-effectors are connected to the base, does it mean that most of the motions of this robot will be near the ground?

Yang Kai U036508R

Industry said...

hi, Yang Kai,
thank you for your questions.

how does a closed, truss-like structure help in the improvement of accuracy? -- i guess you should check mechanical book.

for the second question, i think the robot is applied on the ground.

by U037157M Yi Jinzhou

Undergrad said...

A truss like structure transmits forces applied on the end effector along the truss, thus eliminating moment about the joints. This is how it makes the process more rigid and hence, more accurate.