Thursday, April 05, 2007

“The RB5X becomes the student and the student becomes the teacher”

The RB5X is an Educational Assistant that has been integrated into the learning experience in many schools worldwide, ranging from elementary and high schools to university classrooms. Fifteen years of practical application and research has proved the RB5X to be a dynamic educational tool, acclaimed for its ability in capturing students’ attention by bringing interactivity to a higher level, increasing their motivation towards learning. It teaches skills in various disciplines, ranging from language, spelling, and mathematics, to analog and digital electronics, microprocessor fundamentals and competency-based programming.

The teaching principle behind the RB5X is “the RB5X becomes the student, and the student becomes the teacher”. When teaching the RB5X math or language, students learn to apply their knowledge and identify their learning gaps. From this learning process, they develop self-esteem, problem-solving skills, and consequently, motivation.

The RB5X is extremely versatile as it can speak any language, through the use of international phonemes, and is highly interactive, able to play interactive games with up to 8 people, owing to the incorporation of infrared sensing, ultrasound sonar, remote audio/video transmission, 8 sensors/bumpers, voice synthesizer, and a 5 axis armature, into its structure. It is also easily programmed from any computer; Macintosh, DOS, Windows, or Linux/Unix; with a serial/RS-232 port. The built-in multimedia capabilities; video transmission and video camera; further enhances its functionality. Lastly, the RB5X is intelligently designed, such that it automatically locates the charging station when the battery is low. Thus, the RB5X is a dynamic teaching system which can be customized to suit various teaching objectives.







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