Monday, April 09, 2007

Robotic Home Invades Japan!

When it comes to robotics, Japan never fails to amaze everyone. In a recent exhibition the University of Tokyo showcased a robotic "living room of the future," another example of plans to make robots part of daily life in Japan.

Equipped with sensors in the walls and floor in the living room, the movement of the users is tracked and responded. For an instance, when the user sits down by the desk, the robot lamp automatically swings over to illuminate the book..

A humanoid robot "HRP-2" pours tea from a bottle to a cup to serve for a guest during a demonstration at Tokyo University. Tokyo University Professor Tomomasa Sato developed the robot for daily housework.

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The hottest highlight in the exhibition is the robot valet. A modified version of AIST's Promet humanoid- it is not only capable of the automated pouring and serving of drinks, it can actually wash up afterward. Using cameras as eyes mounted on the head, the humanoid robot is able to perform the action of tea pouring and after the users has finished, and the humanoid robot picks it up and bring it for wash!!!.

Another wheel locomotion robot demonstrated was capable of delivering cup of tea in an experimental room that has sensors embedded in the floor and sofa as well as cameras on the ceiling, to simulate life with robot technology.

The robotic home aims at catering for rapid aging societies such as Japan and hopes to lead the world in the designing of robots to care for the elderly, sick and bedridden.

It is interesting to note how the Japanese are trying to infuse the daily life with robots. These robots are not only capable of performing various task, other aspects in terms of physiological and physical are take into consideration. The development of human-looking robots with humanity expression and shows how much fine details work had been progress in the area of robotics.

It would not be long when robots are a part of our daily life.

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