Thursday, March 15, 2007

Home Floor Washing Robot - Scooba 5900

Many have witness iRobot’s Roomba vacuums cleaning robot but this new product, the Scooba 5900, not only vacuums, it also washes, scrub and dries the floor. The Scooba 5900 floor washing robot is designed to clean floor autonomously with just a push of the buttons.

Scooba 5900 can clean up to 500 square feet on a single battery charge run, and provided maximum coverage of large floor areas. It dispenses fresh solution as it moves along to clean hard-to-reach areas such as under the kitchen cabinets, tables and cupboards. It is programmed to prep, wash, scrub and dry autonomously. The robot prep by vacuuming any loose dirt or crumbs before dispensing water and cleaning solution for wash. Following, its rotating brush would gently scrub and remove spills, dirt and grime from the floor surface before drying the floor off by the collection of the dirty water. The dirty water is collected to prevent spreading and also for easy disposal, to accelerate the drying time and for the convenient of the user. It sleek design allows it to maneuver through around kitchen decor and it is safe to use on all sealed hardwood, tile and linoleum.

Similar to Roomba, the Scooba 5900 consist of a front bumper sensor and surrounding sensor to detect obstacle and automatically avoiding while it cleans and washes. Its’ cleaning algorithms strength is demonstrated when it cleans an entire standard size kitchen autonomously in just a period of 45 minutes.

Check out the iRobot Scooba 5900 demonstration video and features on the iRobot's website

Cost: iRobot Scooba 5900 - USD$399.900

In addition, iRobot has came up with the iRobot Create Programmable Robot. Like a basic platform for the Roomba and Scooba, the iRobot Create Programmable Robot is a durable, reliable, fully assembled programmable robot with out-of-the-box operation. It has 10 built-in demos, 32 built-in sensors, an open cargo bay and 25-pin expansion port that allows you to add your own sensors, grippers, wireless connections, computers or other hardware. This product is great for experimenting with robotics.

Cost: iRobot Create Programmable Robot - USD$129.99

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Medical said...

Mai Kaojie

My house is double-storey, i don't think this product can clean the first floor and climb up the stairs by itself, can it ? Is there any products that can climb floors of different level?

Home said...

Unfortunately, this robot is much more meant for use in kitchen and for cleaning spills, thus cannot climb stairs. Another problem is that the robot uses water to clean and hence, human intervention is required before or after each run and there is a limited cleaning capacitance and it most probably cannot clean the whole house.

Edutainment said...

U0303157 Lim Kah Guan

Although this robot cannot climb stairs, I think it is a sound invention for me. As a consumer and a person who dreads household chores, I will give this product a try as it can vacuum, washes, scrub and dries the floor. After all, I do not think there is another equipment that can serve all these 4 function with a push of few buttons.

dars.explore said...

I think the robot is great. But I wonder where it could be used practical.... except for show. Defenetly not in a home since it is round and most houses has a lot of corners. It simply can't clean where most dirt gather, In the corners and along the walls. Perhaps they should try to make the design more suitable for cleaning. Why not triangular.

dars.explore said...

ops forgot. my name

Filip Wistrand

Medical said...

Tan Shunpeng

A very handy tool for housewives indeed. However, the size of the robot can be smaller such that it can reach behind the cupboard whereby there is a small gap.

dars.edutainment said...

Lim Jun Ming Kelvin U036328m

This is very useful especially for the increasingly lazy next geneartion who simply hate housework. I agree with shunpeng that a smaller robot is needed to reach out to small areas behind the cupboard etc. However, if its too small, it would take a long time to clean as it cleans less surface area. Therefore I propose a big one + a mini one (size of a micro mouse maybe) for cleaning the small areas. In fact, the small robot is actually more important, caused often it is this small areas that are difficult to reach and clean said...

adrian yang

From my understanding of this robot, I believe that it is not able to move up to the other levels as the stairs would be detected as obtacles and thus the robot would be move in another path once it encounter the stairs. With that, if there is a stain that is hidden or obstructed by an object, wouldnt the robot be unable to remove the stain?