Wednesday, April 04, 2007

The World's First Expressive Computer

RoCo, the world’s first expressive computer is a robotic computer has a monitor for a head and a simple LCD screen for a face. It expresses itself by using its double-jointed neck, which is equipped with actuators that shift the monitor up and down, tilt it forward and back and swivel it from side to side, An attached camera can detect when its user moves, allowing RoCo to adjust its posture accordingly. RoCo’ was being built, in hope that by responding to a user’s changes in posture, people might be more likely to build up a “rapport” with the computer that will make sitting at a desk all day a little more enjoyable. RoCo’s powers of expression might be harnessed by tuning into users’ moods; the robot might help them get their work done more effectively. Previous studies have shown that someone’s emotional state can dramatically affect their performance on analytical tasks and that posture can play a role in this; hence in this project, the researchers are looking into how the robot might affect users’ posture while working. RoCo could be programmed to adopt the right posture to foster greater attention and persistence in children, or simply to help improve people’s posture when sitting at a desk. In future, the group also plans to investigate programming RoCo to mimic the posture and gestures of its users, to see if that builds rapport and enhances engagement with the computer, as such behavior is known to do between humans. Tng Thomson U046231A


Industry said...

Thng Kang Liang U036278

I think RoCo is an innovative invention and te senors used are being implemented well. But it seems that it is not vey useful. Imagine you tilting your head or fidgeting in your seat and the LCD screen mimics this action of yours. Wouldn't it make you giddy?

dars.explore said...

Koh Yew Tong U036316U

Yup, i agree with kang liang. The fact that RoCo moves doesn't improve its usefulness and feasiblity because i don't think no body wants a moving monitor when doing work. Probably a smile generated when it detect a frown on user face will be better.

Jefferson U045932H said...

I think this is really cool. We emotional beings loved to be surrounded by things that are emotional. Imagine staring at those 'dead' things for so long!?!?

Now with this computer that comes emotions, seeking information or playing games can be so much more interactive.

However, like what Kang Liang mentioned, the computer has to be sensitive enough too to know when to stop fidgeting!

yuzi said...

yuzhenyu U037786A

This robot is really cute. letting robots be more sensitive and emotional may be the first step for robots to be humanics. In the future, those robot maids which shows in the cartoons may be real.

Anonymous said...

U045926H Wong Jia Hui

I think RoCo has some very interesting ideas behind it. Such as humanising computers, making them more accessible and to humans.

The concept, however, is not unique. The detection of movement, and RoCo's "actions" is quite similar to toy robots we see today, like Aibo.

Still, it is interesting to see how one concept can be applied into many different areas to produce new robots. said...

I do agree with Kang Liang and Yew Tong that this robot might be a bit disconcerting. Imagine just looking away to rest your eyes and the monitor inevitably follows your every move. Imagine just stopping for a cup of coffee with the robot following your every move. How freaky can this get?

Instead of making such robots mobile, I was wondering if sound can be incorporated so that when you are about to fall asleep, the robot computer will say, "Wake up!" and if you are sad, the computer will tell jokes. That would be interesting and really interactive I guess even though current face recognition technologies may not be up to that standards yet.

Goh Pei Ming

Industry said...

What happens if there are 2 people using the computer, would this confuse the comp?

But Roco is awesome man, it should be designed to smile back when we smile at the comp.... :)


Industry said...

I think the idea is interesting. However, with regards to the appearence of the robot, there is still much room for improvement.

Industry said...

I think the idea is interesting. However, with regards to the appearence of the robot, there is still much room for improvement.

Xue Chao

Home said...

The idea of a expressive computer is very innovation. If the creator can the head and the body looks better, probably like a real human, it would be even better

by U036419B Jway Kim Soon

Assistive said...

I think RoCo still has its' positive side of usefulness. It can acts as an interactive computer with kids. This will make the kids find more enjoyable in using computer.

Phan Tien Khoi